WGC Film Society 18-19 Season Presents: Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool (15)

All are welcome.
Director: Paul McGuigan
Stars: Annette Benning, Jamie Bell, Julie Walters, Stephen Graham
Running time: 105 minutes

In 1981, aged 57, former Hollywood star Gloria Grahame (Annette Bening) is eking out the last of her celebrity on the stage in the UK. She collapses before a performance, which she explains away as ‘gas’. Grahame calls former lover Peter Turner (Jamie Bell), a twentysomething actor in Liverpool, and asks if she can come to recuperate at his family home. The timeline then splits between scenes of Grahame as a patient under the care of Peter’s indomitable mother (Julie Walters), and flashbacks to Grahame and Turner’s brief but passionate romance.

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When & Where

Screen 3
Selling wellClass 2: Garden City Cinema Events
Sunday, 24 March

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