WGC Film Society Present: Dogman (15)

Big-hearted dog sitter takes matters into his own hands...
Director: Mateo Garrone
Starring: Marcello Fonte, Edoardo Pesce, Nunzia Schiano

In a seaside village, where the only law seems to be survival of the fittest, Marcello, a mild-mannered man and dog groomer spends his time, caring for his daughter Alida, and being coerced into the petty criminal schemes of the local bully Simoncino, an ex-boxer who terrorizes the neighbourhood. When Simoncino's abuse finally brings Marcello to a breaking point, he decides to stand up for his own dignity and take matters into his own hands.

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When & Where

Screen 3
Selling wellClass 2: The Cinema Events
Sunday, 12 January

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  • 102
  • 15