Carers For Registered Disabled Guests 

At Campus West we also offer carers of Registered Disabled customers free entry to some events. We are not obliged to do this and as such require proof that a carer is required. Also there are occasions when a carer is no longer required and for these reasons we need to see proof and re-register the carer each year.

We reserve the right not to issue or withdraw the carer card membership if an application is deemed to be fraudulent in any way.

We define a carer as someone who is reponsible for:

For events where applicable, we will provide a free carer ticket on the assumption that the person who accompanies the purchaser is able to provide them with appropriate assistance.

Information and Terms and Conditions for Registered Disabled customers:

Customers who are Registered Disabled can receive a free Carer's ticket for The Cinema, RollerCity, Soft Play City and some selected Live On Stage events. We will issue a Campus West Registered Disabled card to customers who provide appropriate documentation proving their eligibility and the name of their carer.

The card is valid for one year and is renewable.

We reserve the right to terminate this carer card scheme at any time without notice.

Acceptable Documentation

For the purposes of this transaction, eligibility for Registered Disabled status applies to customers with: 


Each Registered Disabled customer is allowed only ONE free ticket for the person accompanying them to the event. The Registered Disabled person must purchase a full price ticket for themselves to obtain the free carer ticket.

However a corresponding number of free care tickets (per child) will be issued to patrons who present more than one HAND card for each child.

Tickets for the carer must be processed in the same transaction as the ticket for the accompanied person and be for the same event.

Where it is suspected that tickets are being obtained inappropriately, fraudulently or in breach of these terms and conditions, the management of Campus West reserves the right to refuse the free ticket pending further investigation. The management of Campus West also reserves the right to review or update the eligibility criteria for this offer at any time.

If eligible this is what you need to do:

What happens next?

Once we have confirmed your eligibility, a new Registered Carer Card will be issued with an expiry date printed on the reverse.  You will need to re-apply by the expiry date and if valid, a renewal card will then be issued.

How do I book a carer ticket?

If you are interested in information about wheelchair companions, please go to Wheelchair Guests page.

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