Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I search for an event?

How do I book a ticket online?

How do I buy a Mini Cine ticket / ticket for under 1 year old

How do I book a wheelchair space/ticket online?

How do I book a carer ticket?

Can I collect tickets booked online before the start of an event

Can I exchange my tickets?

How do I get a refund?

Are you part of Meerkat Movies?

How do I redeem Meerkat codes, VIPs, Promotion Codes, Coupons and Vouchers?

How and when do discounts apply, including Zebra Card discount?

Why can't I use my VIP ticket or get any discount when I have a Zebra Discount Card?

What do I do if I lose my Zebra Card?

How do I change my password?

I can’t get in touch with the Box Office?

What are the age limits for RollerCity, Hawthorne Theatre, Welwyn Garden City Cinema and Soft Play City?

What is the Babes-In-Arms policy?

What is the registered carers policy?

Can I light candles within Campus West?

Can I bring my own food into Campus West?

Can I bring an entertainer to my child’s party?

My online booking has been unsuccessful but my bank is saying the money has been taken from my account?

Do you offer any concessions on tickets?

How long are your trailers and ads?

What do I do after I've successfully booked tickets online and received an email receipt of my card payment but don’t see any confirmation email of my booking?

Do you have lockers in RollerCity?

Can I shop with confidence on your website?

Why do you charge spectator fee?

Do you allow wheelchairs on to the roller rink?

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Is there a car park near Campus West?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Why can’t I book tickets for films showing more than a week in advance?

Why do you restrict my choice in sometimes showing the same film all day in all our screens?

Do you allow alcohol in RollerCity?

I have a charity request, who do I contact?

Who do I contact regarding lost property?

How do I change my address or contact details?

Can an I bring my own equipment to play music or any other appliance to heat or cook my food?

Can I store ice cream or food in your freezers/fridges?

Can I take photographs during an event in Campus West?

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